Completing the Circle: Check assembly of hot-blast lines of the blast furnace No. 7 took place at NTZMK

Completing the Circle: Check assembly of hot-blast lines of the blast furnace No. 7 took place at NTZMK

Control assembly of the circular hot-blast line of DP-7, to which all production units of the plant are rapidly moved over the last month, has taken its rightful place in the 10th bay of steel structures shop. Monumental in its dimensions, 88-ton construction, not easily squeezed into a 30-meter assembly plate, was the result of work of several hundred factory workers. Everyone took participation in this work starting from design engineers to carpenters. Despite the relatively small weight of the structure, step of control assembly was difficult and time-consuming.

– Previous assembly of similar construction of such scale was carried out by us for more than 10 years ago, – says the chief technologist of the plant O. M. Tataurov. – Reconstruction of the blast furnace No. 5 of Nizhniy Tagil metallurgical plant in 2005 was a serious test of our capabilities at that time. As for the blast furnace No. 7 it makes not less demands on us today.

– The complex spatial geometry of the structure, tight tolerances (not more than 20 mm for the whole diameter) require from us application of maximum efforts to ensure the convergence of the shipping elements at the installation site, – the head of TCD N.V. Malykch develops the idea of his colleague. – Welding deformations in the process of manufacturing products of this size are inevitable. It is the pre-assembly that allows compensation of deviations having performed fine fitting of erection joints and elements of the support system in factory conditions and having monitored the geometry of the construction using several hundred control points.

Assembly of cylindrical structures with large diameter is the challenge posed to metal structure builders not every day. Even the professionals in this case often need practical advice and supervision of veterans. “Over the years of my work I have seen much. But with such installation I face for the first time, – admitted the foreman of erectors P. Ovchinnikov upon completion of work. – A considerable help for us was rendered by an experienced instructor of NTZMK – assembly metal worker with 40 years of experience A. A. Lobanov”.

Without a doubt, the control assembly carried out is an important phase of the project DP-7, but it is finishing without solemn speeches, in the everyday working environment.

– Of course, we have done well indeed, – concludes the head of the shop of metal structures N.L. Zolotaryov. – But we can say about this only when the DP-7 produces the first cast iron. Until then, still much of work.

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