Astana-2017: Future Energy

In 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan) will be held the 66th World Exhibition EXPO-2017. Architectural symbol of the exhibition will be a national exhibition hall of Kazakhstan – a building in the shape of a giant glass sphere. The height of buildings above 50, and the area – 20 thousand meters. Over the manufacture of metal specifically for this “celestial sphere that fell to Earth” will work NTZMK until the autumn of this year. The volume of deliveries in Kazakhstan will exceed 4500 tons.

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Golden flight over the Khalifa Tower

On the eve of the New Year one of the NTZMK employees has made amazing gift not only for the plant, but for Russia, proved that our plant workers are able not only to produce complex steel structures, but also to achieve the highest results in sport great achievements.

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How Tanks Are Assembled at NTZMK

Many more modest orders of NTZMK are usually lost behind the key plant projects such as ZSD, Astana, Lakhta. Although the work on them is also often accompanied by some difficulties, and high-quality and timely implementation of the tasks require at least high skills and great professional experience.

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Modernization of Welding Equipment Started at NTZMK

Modern high-effective equipment is a key factor for the quality and reliability of production of any plant. NTZMK is not an exception. Global technical modernization program in 2011 – 2015 has brought its benefits. Through the application of new automatic semi-finished product processing lines and updating of crane equipment, over the past years several dozen of major projects have been successfully implemented: among them the Olympic Stadium “Fisht”, West High Speed Diameter, Central Pavilion for the World EXPO – 2017. The modernization of the plant is still in progress. Now comes the turn for the welding equipment.

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TulaCherMet: How the Steel Was Tempered

If you are asked, what scope of production of metal structures is the key for NTZMK in the historic scale, you can safely answer: structures for construction and industrial equipment for metallurgical complex. NTZMK’s history started in the 1940s with the erection of the Nizhny Tagil Steel Plant, and steelmakers remained the main consumers of products of the enterprise in the following decades.

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The First Control Assembling of Stadium “Nizhny Novgorod” Are Accomplished

Arguments about whether NTZMK will participate in the construction of stadiums for the World Cup-2018 did not subside for over a year and a half. Experience in implementing projects for the Sochi Olympics taught us to be cautious of processing objects that are not only of great engineering complexity, but also of the political bias on the Federal and international levels. Stadiums themselves have gone a long way from the first design sketches to the signed expert opinions and were repeatedly exposed to architectural processing, changing of names and even locations. However, in April this year the first design drawings of the roof for the stadium “Nizhny Novgorod” came into production. In spring of 2016 NTZMK entered the Championship.

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