Astana-2017: Future Energy

Astana-2017: Future Energy

One of the main features of this project will be the fact that, due to a significant amount of metal structures of the building work on it simultaneously comes in three plants. NTZMK manufactures construction of two piers that hold the entire ball.

“Of course, the separation between the linings plants affects the operation. However, having a similar experience as an example of Sochi where over one stadium had four different companies, I think too much trouble for designers it does not cause, – says head of design bureau D.A.Derbyshev. – Interaction with the customer takes place quickly enough. We were provided with even the Cabinet and ready, a single model for all plants in Tekla- if not derogate from it, then installation problems should arise”.

Count on the fact that the implementation of a project of this level will be easy, of course, not worth it. “Just building consists of 6 storeys. The most difficult will be three of them are located at an angle – Danil Aleksandrovich. – Here we are faced with a very unpleasant dihedral angles, difficulties in securing hangers, etc. About any series in the drawings of this building can not speak, but the significant advantage is massive structure, the average weight of the drawing which is about 10 tons, and the largest of the brand reach a weight of 40 tons”.

“Construction of Astana manufacturing complexity can be compared to the structure of the Sochi stadium” – says chief technologist NTZMK O.M.Tataurov. – “Works include a lot of complicated-term operating assembly, welding, straightening metal of great thickness. Separately, it should be said about the huge number of machining: gouging, milling – both at the stage of machining, and in the process build structures, already hampered by the presence of complex dihedral angles, a variety of hard to reach places. Very time consuming manufacturing scapes box section of metal, the thickness of which reaches 40-60 mm. With many nuances of working on the box-section we first encountered it at the Sochi order – Today, working with Kazakhstan, we are addressing very similar issues”.

Understanding the order in NTZMK professionals already formed, the first assembly of the brand went to the installation site, but it is clear that the main work on this important order is yet to come.

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