Forest life: abnormally hot holiday

Forest life: abnormally hot holiday

“Forest life”- is the name of this unique for Russia corporate holiday format.  Having started in 2012, as both ecological and tourist event, over the years, “forest life” was enriched by new forms of competitions and entertainment, allowing to involve virtually all ages and interests. Completely free of solemn official protocol, this holiday gives factory workers an opportunity to be fully liberated and appear playing in their true – the best – selves.

Indeed, on this day, in the territory of the hospitable tourist and recreation base “Uralets” we saw the most incredible transformations of our usual factory staff members. You can see a turner, who is obliviously dancing rock-n-roll; a shop manager, furiously shooting water pistol; a design engineer, floundering in the air over a trampoline.

Most of the workers were in no way restricted in the choice of entertainment. Ones spent most part of this hot day in the water, others decided on trying out the full capabilities of specially for the holiday delivered mobile rides, the 35 degree heat could not drive away the third from heat blowing barbecues. However, for the 36 ZMK-workers the day was planned in minutes.

Six teams representing different departments of the plant have become parties in the adventure quest. It is quite difficult to describe verbally the tests of strength, skills and adeptness awaiting them along the way. Traditional definitions: “joyful starts” or “obstacle course”- here were obviously not appropriate. Rather, quest participants felt themselves the heroes of games in the spirit of “Fort Boyard” or “the Last Hero”. Employees of metal warehouse, RCD and RMS, steel structures shop,  management department, the CHPP and the MDD were to walk on water, search for treasures, fight with gravity and get items from locked cells, showing wonders not only in intelligence, but in artistry. The most fun, purposeful and well-coordinated proved to be the team from steel structures shop. Vitali Zakharov, Andrew Ryabkov, Alexander Pugin, Alexander and Ivan Kislitsyny, Valery Zolotarev and of course, cheer leading throughout all the game their Chief Nikolay Leonidovich Zolotarev won a gift certificate for the next day of health.

Four hours of “forest life” flew in a flash. August, 6 for factory workers who visited «Uralets» was indeed an abnormally hot day. While in the heat the asphalt was melting in the city, the ice creams were melting in sweaty competitive hands of festival participants, the smell of barbecue floated in shivering hot air and the opposite bank of the Tagil pond winced from our chants.

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