It has become better but some imperfections happen to be

It has become better but some imperfections happen to be

NTZMK has successfully passed an external audit procedure for compliance of quality management system (QMS) to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The certificate for the current year is renewed.

It is to be recalled that from 24th to 25th of January the auditor of TÜV NORD CERT R. V. Nagoyev carried out the inspection of subdivisions and leaders at our company. No any critical bservations have been made.

R. V. Nagoyev noted that the verification audit took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere. “Since the last year it has become better. It was pleasant that the leaders less involved the “lawyers” to prove their activities in the divisions, knew the processes, and developed corrective actions” – Roman Vladimirovich revealed the positive aspects of inspection. – I like that almost all the departments where it is required have planning and make its analysis, especially when there is any deviation from the plan.”

The company aim No. 1 in the field of quality for the current year is to increase customer satisfaction to 95%. Last year this indicator was kept by NTZMK at the level of 93%, in 2015 – almost a percent higher. Therefore, in order to achieve the planned results, it is necessary to constantly work on improving the processes, quality of products and services. QMS will continue to develop, but in accordance with the principles of continuous improvement and to meet the requirements of the international standard of 2015. The transition of the plant to the new standard ISO 9001 is expected next year.

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