Modernization of Welding Equipment Started at NTZMK

Modernization of Welding Equipment Started at NTZMK

Well-known and regularly used by NTZMK’s welders welding apparatus LORCH has proved itself as a very reliable unit but dozens of kilometers of seams produced through 2008 – 2012 are now causing faults and holds in works. High quality of welded structures, expected by customers of ongoing projects of the plant; the tension and the intensity of welding, often 24 hours a day and seven days a week; aggressive for microchips status environment  make the choice of upgrade paths for welding equipment a particularly challenging and daunting task.

– Today, the domestic market of welding equipment can offer dozens of names and models of devices for industrial use, but it doesn’t give rich choice, – says Chief welder of NTZMK M.U. Koltunov. – Most of the offers are Russian assembly from foreign components, often made in China. A rare provider is ready to guarantee the quality of the delivered product and provide service support. Constantly monitoring this area, we concluded that a very strict selection of potential partners in the area of welding equipment supply should be made. After numerous tests we stopped our choice on the equipment by the German EWM company.

Speaking of the values of MIG/MAG welding units by EWM you must first mention the 100% duty cycle. This means that this equipment practically does not require technological breaks. Apparatus of this brand are specially designed for multi-shift work in the harshest industrial conditions, which is the result of complex of decisions: high-strength construction, powerful inverter, effective cooling pumps. Devices Controls provide automatic configuration of metal thickness modes, wire feed speed or amperage. Units are equipped with several special modes. So, applied in this hardware technology of EWM-forceArc ® innovative welding arc helps to reduce production costs up to 50%.

A significant advantage of the new welding semiautomatic machines is their versatility. An innovative SYNERGIC control system gives the electric welding operator the possibility to choose from dozens of pre-programmed welding modes.Design of inverter allows welding using various gas mixtures, argon, or carbon dioxide; short, hybrid or drip arc with one device; that removes virtually all restrictions for the usage of a wide range of welding technologies.

However, finally appreciate the significance of the new equipment will only be possible with the practical results of its work.

The first impressions in the workplaces are positive:

– Work on such large projects as FIFA World Cup Stadium in Nizhny Novgorod and Tower “Lahta” for the welder is a constant race against the time schedule. A huge amount of our work requires a flexible in configurations, reliable and powerful equipment. After a few shifts with the new semi-automatic device, now I can say with certainty: this race we will win, – believes the electric welder of 5th  category K. Vaneev.

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