Moscow Oil Refinery: a look into the future

Moscow Oil Refinery: a look into the future

The goals for the oil industry are still very far away. Thus, at present, oil and gas companies have announced more than 120 major construction projects for the period up to 2020 year. One of them is the reconstruction of the “big technological ring” of the Moscow Oil Refinery.

Moscow Oil Refinery is a unique enterprise in many ways. It is the only oil refinery in the region with the highest business activity. One of the few of oil refineries located in the metropolis and that increases requirements of its ecological safety. It is one of the oldest enterprises of the industry (built in 1938).

Previous reconstruction of the plant was finished in the distant 70s. 40 years later, the Moscow Oil Refinery reached a new level of development. The program of the environmental safety improvement of the plant started a few years ago and in 2016 brought to life a number of projects designed to raise technological processes and production efficiency of Moscow Oil Refinery to a qualitatively new level. Among them is the construction of combined oil refining complex, which will enable the company to increase the annual output of high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel of Euro-5 standard up to 6 million tons. NTZMK is to manufacture more than 6 thousand tons of metal structures for this object.

About the work that was done before manufacturing the refinery structures and about the current status of the project tells the Chief Designer of the plant D.V. Lezhnev:

Considering this project in terms of its structural features, it cannot be said that the Moscow Oil Refinery will greatly stand out of a number of objects of oil and gas industry, done by us in recent years. We have already repeatedly worked out the specifics of the structures of this kind production with Volgograd, Omsk and Antipinsk refineries.  As the previous projects MNPZ will become a very busy project with lots of specifications and grades but low weight.  So, for example, the first developed specification includes 230 drawings with the total weight of the designs being only about 170 tons.

Despite this, MNPZ can be unequivocally classified as a status project that forms the reputation of the company. It involves the largest companies: “Gazprom Neft”, Project Institute “VNIPIneft”; “NIPIGaspererabotka” which is part of SIBUR Holding and Italian engineering company Tecnimont.

Of course, such political relevance of the project applies specific requirements to our company as well. This is applicable not only to the quality of products (which exceeds the Russian level, corresponding rather to European standards), but also features engineering training, work and document flow, reporting.

During the summer we were working intensively on harmonization of project details: many technical and organizational issues have been solved, that gave us the opportunity to begin the development of KMD drawings. In September the first marks of this order were sent for production.

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