Receive and Sign!

Receive and Sign!

About how to deliver the important cargo with the critical dimensions several thousand kilometers far from here perfectly safe, we have learned this from a leading logistics specialist A. V. Derbilov.

– In recent 2 weeks NTZMK has shipped to St. Petersburg two lots of oversized material: 3 trucks at the end of January and 3 trucks were forwarded on February 10. In the latest lot complex assemblies weighed 17 tons each. When we ship such oversized structures, we make a special packing case which is developed by the designers. Then we put it on the truck, fasten and fix. As for these structures, it was difficult to know in advance how they lay down themselves in a place, so we had to move them and rotate at the place right on the truck. Those structures that were delivered in January, we put on channel bars, without additional supporting blocks because their weight was lower. For February shipping, the decision was made to replace the channel bars with beams under 3 supporting points. Their edges were out beyond the truck body, and in the process of loading the metal began to bend. We’ve anticipated such situation that is why we made bracing – additional posts from the structure. And fixing with the chains did not allow the cargo to jump up and move out of position. Fortunately, it is winter now and the orders arrive to the place of destination without having to rust, because we ship “bare” metal without any additionally covering, – A.V. Derbilov said.

– To the North capital there are more than 2 thousand kilometers, the drivers accomplish this distance within 5 days, sometimes faster. Traffic at night is prohibited. Speed is around 60-80 km/h. There are several gradations of oversized cargo and ways of its delivery: if the cargo is from 2.5 – 3.5 m in width, a driver with a permit can move by oneself; the oversized cargo from 3.5 to 3.9 m in width requires escorting of the carrier; if the width exceeds 3.9 m, as our cargo, we need the escorting of Road Patrol Service. It is worth noting that the cost is different for all this. Additionally it is affected by distance. It turns out that the February order has been shipped the most expensive way.

For St. Petersburg installation NTZMK has already shipped around 3300 tons excluding subcontractors. If calculating in pieces it is obtained almost 14 thousand different grades, – a leading specialist on logistics said. Among them over one hundred of trucks have been shipped with the oversized cargo. In February the company still has to ship approximately 280 tons i.e.  about another 15 trucks will go to our cultural capital.

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