Science and practice – new horizons of partnership

Science and practice – new horizons of partnership

n mid-March 2018, the leaders of NTZMK met with V.V. Potanin, the rector of the branch of the Ural Federal University in Nizhny Tagil, and the heads of the departments of the university and the Mechanical Engineering College. On the part of NTZMK, the issues of future cooperation with educational institutions were discussed by: CEO V.V. Parfenov, Director for Human Resources and Social Policy Grinkova, head of the personnel department, SI. Третникова, the director of the engineering center А.В. Mantrov, Head of the Department of Technical Control N.V. Malykh, head of the laboratory A.Yu. Bushuev, chief technologist O.M. Tataurov.

The partnership relations of the organization are linked for many years. However, proposals to expand the areas of work formulated by the plant administration and the personnel directorate have found a lively response and active support from the staff of the city’s educational institutions.

After the meeting, excursions on production and in the central factory laboratory of NTZMK, the parties decided not only to continue work within the framework of the existing agreement, but also agreed on a plan of measures for the identified areas of cooperation.

According to the preliminary plan of NTZMK:

– will assemble a group for targeted training in the specialty “welding production” in the Nizhny Tagil machine-building technical school;

– will improve the skills of engineering personnel with the use of a modular form of training in the magistracy, as well as the preparation of graduate students.

In the framework of research activities, organizations need to identify relevant research topics, conduct research and test on the basis of NTZMK. Most likely, one of the topics will be ways to improve the strength of structural steel.

Discussed project activities, which will be implemented by the employees of the enterprise with the methodological support of scientific and pedagogical staff of the branch of the Ural Federal University in Nizhny Tagil. The program is scheduled to start in September 2018.

In addition to the classic lines of activity, the plan outlined the joint preparation of participants for the World Skills Championship. This is an international non-profit movement, whose mission is to improve training standards.

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