Supervisory audit of quality management system

Supervisory audit of quality management system

External audit was booked by the independent auditor of one of the largest international certification authorities of TÜV NORD CERT of R.V.Nagoyev. Within two days all divisions of the enterprise involved in the quality system were in details checked.

– Level of quality management system at the enterprise for the last year grew – and grew very much considerably, – Roman Vladimirovich noted, summing up the check results. To the positive moments the representative of the certifying body referred a number of aspects of activity of plant: shops of the main production for processes of identification and traceability at all stages of production of details and designs, the carried-out analysis of process of planning with development of the correcting actions, the level of culture of production.

– As for the production environment, it is possible to tell one: I passed three shops and with surprise I noted that boots remained pure: all metalwork and waste are spread out in the appropriate order, shops clean, work of department of labor protection, the chief power engineer is felt – the culture of production is at the high level. It leaves very pleasant impression, – R.V.Nagoyev noted.

During audit 4 noncritical discrepancies of SMK of the enterprise to requirements of the international standard were revealed. The part from them is eliminated directly during check. The essential attention when summing up audit was paid to need of address work with the persons guilty of marriage emergence, to questions of unification of criteria of an assessment of suppliers of materials and services, personnel policy. On the basis of check results to a number of divisions of plant recommendations about activity improvement were made.

Results of the taken place audit confirmed that the quality management system of NTZMK is supported in working order, develops and conforms to requirements of the international standard. The recommendation of extension of the certificate on compliance of SMK NTZMK to requirements of ISO 9001 is presented to the certifying body.

However, as the representative of TÜV NORD emphasized, there is no limit to perfection. Successful passing of annual procedure of recertification is a consequence of everyday work of tens experts. One of the principles of the ISO 9001 standard is continuous improvement of processes of management of quality therefore this work has to be according to plan continued and further.

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