Won’t Keep as a Memory

Won’t Keep as a Memory

– Rustam Zufarovich, what is wrong with those structures, why did NTMK send back the manufactured beams?

– The main reason to return the beams was the project changes, which required the cranes with different dimensions and characteristics.

There is one more fact: after executing the post-construction survey in project position there were determined some unacceptable deviations from normative data as per camber.

– Is there any information what the reason was for the beam camber?

– Primarily the project analysis was made by VNIIPTMASH – the leading branch institution that deals with project development for hoisting-and-conveying equipment in Russia. Their specialists are sure that this project is acceptable with some minor drawbacks. But we don’t have enough time to search for and eliminate mistakes.  The NII are getting the new project ready and we will produce new beams for NTMK according to it.

– What will happen to the beams that were returned from NTMK?

– The beams will probably be used to manufacture other cranes with shorter span, like 28 m instead of 42 m.

Load-lifting capacity will increase. The modified equipment will obviously be installed in another shop of NTMK. There is a need in cranes at our plant. We could have replaced the equipment but for the beams all the rest details have still to be bought. So these structures would not have made nice souvenir.

– Did new circumstances affect the dates of blast furnace erection?

– The final dates of the blast furnace No 7 erection are not changed by the client.  Soon the second uninstalled crane will be delivered to the plant. We will have to store heavy and oversized structures outside. There is not enough space, but there is not another choice. We will remove the wheels and rails to use with the new cranes in case they fit for the project, of cause. We will manufacture new crane beams after the changed project arrives. This is our job for September 2017.

– What amount will EVRAZ pay for crane remodeling?

– The price is to be determined yet.

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