Dear Vitaliy!

“SK “TEHNOPROMMONTAZH” Ltd. thanks NTZMK for the traditionally high quality of the delivered object “Sport complex in Nizhny Tagil. Rink. Steel frame and cover” (45 m span of high-strength bolts with controlled tension).

Through the elaboration of drawings stage KMD in 3D models and qualitative performance milling flange elements columns and coverage beams assembly “SK” TEHNOPROMMONTAZH” Ltd. as a contractor for producing the installation of metal, managed to withstand the deadlines and provide the required regulatory documents the quality of construction and installation works.

Although the overall dimensions and configuration of the complex-departure marks columns and beams cover and flange dimensions (max. 2825 mm x 540 mm, 37-42 mm in thickness), all mating flange joints were made without the wedge gaps.

“SK “TEHNOPROMMONTAZH” confident in the further development of partnership relations between our companies.

O.A. Roque