Astana-2017: Future Energy

In 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan) will be held the 66th World Exhibition EXPO-2017. Architectural symbol of the exhibition will be a national exhibition hall of Kazakhstan – a building in the shape of a giant glass sphere. The height of buildings above 50, and the area – 20 thousand meters. Over the manufacture of metal specifically for this “celestial sphere that fell to Earth” will work NTZMK until the autumn of this year. The volume of deliveries in Kazakhstan will exceed 4500 tons.

Bridge on the River Neiva

Spend the control assembly of the bridge over the river Neiva

Golden flight over the Khalifa Tower

On the eve of the New Year one of the NTZMK employees has made amazing gift not only for the plant, but for Russia, proved that our plant workers are able not only to produce complex steel structures, but also to achieve the highest results in sport great achievements.

Supervisory audit of quality management system

In the period from February 2 to 3 on NTZMK held a supervisory audit of the quality management system (QMS) for compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

“Under the High Star”. NTZMK develops import substitution technologies

The beginning of 2016 set new ambitious goals for NTZMK. Such goals include the production of more than 6000 tons of steel for the construction of buildings of JSC Gazprom headquarters in St. Petersburg – “Lakhta Center”.

How Tanks Are Assembled at NTZMK

Many more modest orders of NTZMK are usually lost behind the key plant projects such as ZSD, Astana, Lakhta. Although the work on them is also often accompanied by some difficulties, and high-quality and timely implementation of the tasks require at least high skills and great professional experience.

Modernization of Welding Equipment Started at NTZMK

Modern high-effective equipment is a key factor for the quality and reliability of production of any plant. NTZMK is not an exception. Global technical modernization program in 2011 – 2015 has brought its benefits. Through the application of new automatic semi-finished product processing lines and updating of crane equipment, over the past years several dozen of major projects have been successfully implemented: among them the Olympic Stadium “Fisht”, West High Speed Diameter, Central Pavilion for the World EXPO – 2017. The modernization of the plant is still in progress. Now comes the turn for the welding equipment.

TulaCherMet: How the Steel Was Tempered

If you are asked, what scope of production of metal structures is the key for NTZMK in the historic scale, you can safely answer: structures for construction and industrial equipment for metallurgical complex. NTZMK’s history started in the 1940s with the erection of the Nizhny Tagil Steel Plant, and steelmakers remained the main consumers of products of the enterprise in the following decades.

The First Control Assembling of Stadium “Nizhny Novgorod” Are Accomplished

Arguments about whether NTZMK will participate in the construction of stadiums for the World Cup-2018 did not subside for over a year and a half. Experience in implementing projects for the Sochi Olympics taught us to be cautious of processing objects that are not only of great engineering complexity, but also of the political bias on the Federal and international levels. Stadiums themselves have gone a long way from the first design sketches to the signed expert opinions and were repeatedly exposed to architectural processing, changing of names and even locations. However, in April this year the first design drawings of the roof for the stadium “Nizhny Novgorod” came into production. In spring of 2016 NTZMK entered the Championship.

Intermediate NTZMK results before the professional holiday

Before the main professional holiday of our workers we are drawing up the results of work in a conversation with the NTZMK Manager Vitaly Parfenov.

Forest life: abnormally hot holiday

While in Nizhny Tagil a storm warning is in effect, promising the city heat wave next week, last Saturday on the 6th of August the NTZMK workers went to nature, providing the representatives of other building enterprises an opportunity to celebrate their professional holiday in stuffy cafes and hot palaces of culture.

We have something to strive for

“The flagship of the construction industry of the Sverdlovsk region”, “one of the largest producers of welded steel structures in Russia”, “the unique enterprise with a long tradition and broad prospects” – these and many other flattering epithets NTZMK won from the high-ranking guests of the ceremony of awarding the best employees, dedicated to the Builder’s Day. The managers of Nizhny Tagil city-forming enterprises, representatives of municipal and regional authorities felt need to express gratitude to factory workers for their hard but noble work and personally hand them letters and diplomas that day.

In the Shadow of a Skyscraper

Rapidly growing on the outskirts of the northern capital the “Lakhta” Tower comes closely to its 200 meter elevation and is already becoming the tallest building constructed in the northern capital. Nevertheless other buildings of the complex are of not less engineering interest. Among them “in the shadow” of a skyscraper there is a multifunctional building.

Moscow Oil Refinery: a look into the future

Modernization of the oil and gas sector is one of the key phenomena of the industrial development in recent years. Starting with 2011 there have already been built and put into operation 52 new oil-recycling units, increasing significantly the “grade” of Russian black gold. Crude oil that becomes cheaper is being replaced with oil products export: gasoline for automobiles of European quality, specialized types of hydrocarbon fuel. NTZMK continues to take direct participation in modernization of Russian refineries.

VERRINA: 35 years in service

Anniversaries are not only for the people. Sometimes the contribution of a single machine in the work of the enterprise is also worth special mentioning.

Completing the Circle: Check assembly of hot-blast lines of the blast furnace No. 7 took place at NTZMK

Early December was a time of hard work of NTZMK on a range of responsible projects: TulaChermet-Steel, the plant “Russian electric motors” (Chelyabinsk), the Moscow oil refinery plant, a new series of structures of “Lakhta Center”. However, again in the center of attention these days there was a project of the blast furnace No. 7 of EVRAZ NTMK.

Ordinary and Challenging at the Same Time

It’s the end of January. At the Moscow oil refinery plant the erection of continuous catalyst regeneration section, high-tech equipment of a modern combined oil refining unit “Euro+” is in progress.

It has become better but some imperfections happen to be

NTZMK has successfully passed an external audit procedure for compliance of quality management system (QMS) to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The certificate for the current year is renewed.

Receive and Sign!

Gazprom retains the plans for introduction into service of the public and business complex “Lakhta center” in 2017, the Press service of St. Petersburg administration reported. This means that next year the main office of the company will be commissioned. Meanwhile, NTZMK also helps to implement what is planned, shipping orders on time. For the current month it is the following goal before the enterprise – to ship the last structures on this project. For the time being the subsequent structures were delivered to the construction site of the city on the Neva River on February 14.


Last year on August 29, the executive management of NTZMK decided to build a new workshop which would be the finished products warehouse. The Chief Power Engineer and Head of the CHP, P.N. Rogovoy has been appointed to the Head of the project designed to improve the effectiveness of metal production. He told us about the construction progress.

For dedicated work!

The professional holiday of ZMK workers, Builder’s Day, will take place only in 5 months from today. But to encourage truly valuable and responsible employees it’s no need to wait for special occasion.

75 creative works for soul and gaze

In the middle of March the results of the factory’s exhibition “Mistress” have been summed up. Winners and participants were honored in exclusively female company. This year for the contest jury to make a judgement and to the delight of visitors, exactly 75 show-pieces (do you feel the magic of numbers?) were exhibited.

Fly Petal! Fly!

In March, ZMK workers with rolled up sleeves, started the domes: the most difficult parts of hot blast stoves (HBS) for blast furnace number 7. After completing 13 levels of HBS tore part with challenging two-axis adjustment and carefully rolling of the radii, “The top comes easier, as we got accustomed”, the workers say.

Fluffy assistant

The 14th of May is the Freelancer’s Day.

CRANE under crane

For several days plant workers have been watching the bridge crane steel structure enlargement and pre-assembling operations. The future crane for casthouse of the blast furnace number 7 consists of main girders, end beams and connecting passages that include set of elements.

An Inspiring Garden

Coming to the place where the next stage of the “Family of the Year” Competition is staged, the place looks like there is an ant colony on the ground! On Saturday morning the NTZMK representatives, members of Local Rudnik named after the International III Community Management, long families and caring residents of the area gathered in front of the National Cultures Palace. The plant representatives were competing for the title “The Family of the Year” and together with the local residents they had the mutual goal to improve and reshape the local public garden.

Finish for the Crane

For several months NTZMK workers have been taking care of one of the biggest in terms of dimensions orders for the city’s largest construction site – the Blast Furnace no. 7. The manufacturing of cranes for the mould yard is an outstanding event among the metal structures. 42-meter long beams, special support from Yekaterinburg specialists and solving various problems are main characteristics to remember about this order number 3098

The weather in the blast furnace. Continued

Continued (about the dedusting system and the axel centrifugal dust collector in particular).

The weather in the blast furnace

Among all industries metallurgy is the second top among atmosphere pollutants.

NTZMK from the quadcopter’s view

“Film people have come again”… “Looks like they are going to make a Jubilee Film”. “Probably the western will become”. “Oh, yes, let it not become a thriller”.

Won’t Keep as a Memory

It’s about month time from the second crane was delivered to the Blast furnace No 7 mould yard, as the yellow beams are back again on NTZMK territory. “Will be remade”; “Will keep as a memory”; Will go to scrap”; “Will use ourselves in our shop”… Those and the like comments can be heard about those long-lasting structures. To clear the situation, the editorial board asked the technical director of the plant R. Z. Gubaidullin, who is supervising the order No 3098, some questions.

Bridge construction has returned. NTZMK is refreshing its skills

Football passions in Russia this year have already calmed down. The Confederations Cup lasted from 17th June to 2nd July. However, the upcoming World Cup Championship 2018 does not give the domestic builders an opportunity to take a breath. Mondiale will be held in our country for the first time. Within the 13th World Cup football matches will be played on 12 stadiums from June 14 to July 15, 2018. Football fever next summer will fill 11 cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and Yekaterinburg.

“Molodost’” (Youth) Comes to the Plant

Sport movement has been spreading widely over the country since 2000. In last several years Russia was the home of Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Students Games, different championships, competitions, Cups and a lot more coming! From June, 17th to July, 2nd the Confederations Cup is the eighth major football tournament for national teams held by FIFA. But the main football event awaits us next year, 2018 FIFA World Cup Championship.

Fight for real!

The gala evening on the occasion of the NTZMK’S anniversary has ended another intrigue. In the final of the event the results of factory contest “Family of the Year 2017” were announced.

NTZMK Meets Anniversary

On August, 10th Holiday was divided into two central events and was very generous in terms of awards.

Holiday welders

Video about holiday welders

Science and practice – new horizons of partnership

Science and practice – new horizons of partnership