«NTZMK» Ltd. has the sufficient production facilities that host the modern equipment of Italian firm «Ficep» and other domestic and European manufacturers, that allows manufacturing constructions of various purpose on the highest standards. The total production area of the plant – 62 951 m2, including:

  • metal warehouse area – 2848.6 m2
  • area of the metal processing workshop – 16821.3 m2
  • area of the metal structures workshop – 12105.1 m2
  • area the paint-loading workshop – 7176.1 m2

Proceeding in the production, metal is exposed to the editing on rollers levelers UBR-40 (Germany) and blast clean of the surface on the equipment Amurlitmash (Russia) and «Schlik» (Germany), providing the degree of purification Sa 3 on ISO 8501-1.

For rectilinear and figure dissolution of the sheet metal, there are used the oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines with CNC «Kometa» (Russia), the automatic line of the thermal cutting and the high-speed drilling of a sheet «Tipo-A25» and «Gemini-254PG» produced by «Ficep», the drilling of the holes in the component parts is also carried out on CNC machines «P401/8D» («Ficep»).

The plant provides rolling the cylindrical work-pieces up to 90 mm thickness (with a maximum width of the work-piece 4500mm), conical work-pieces up to 70mm, when the minimum radius of rolling 800mm on the bending rollers «Verrina» (Italy), as well as the possibility of rolling sheets (thickness up to 25mm, width 3100mm) with a minimum radius of 300mm on the bending rollers «2680P» (Russia).

For treatment of the rolled steel there are used the automatic line of thermal contoured cutting of rolled metal «1261-TT», the automatic line of drilling and mechanical cutting by bend saws «DNB-603» and «DZB-1001», a drilling machine with CNC «1001-D» (company «Ficep») and thermal plant for molded tube-cutting «HGG PC-600», which allows to handle the procurement of a complex configuration.

Technical production capacity can handle the full range of rolled sections, manufactured by metallurgical plants. The enterprise mainly uses the mechanized flux welding and gas-shielded welding.

The modern welding machines and rectifiers are used for flux welding, the portal device «Mechtrac-3000» (ESAB) is used for welding of T-and H-beams.

As a protective environment for welding in the protective gas there is used a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide, which provides high quality welds. The modern welding inverter semi-automatic units with a stepless control of welding conditions are used for welding.

The company staff is certified in accordance with the requirements of RTN (Rostekhnadzor) and has the appropriate certificates of NAKS – welders, foremen, technicians and engineers. In addition, the work is done on the certified welding equipment and technology, which is vetted in accordance with the requirements of RTN (Rostekhnadzor).

Quality control of welds is performed by the specialists of the factory laboratory, which has accreditation for the right to perform destructive and nondestructive testing.

To prepare the surface before painting the factory applies the blast surface preparation, providing the degree of surface preparation Sa3 on ISO 8501-1.

For applying coating compositions there is used the method of airless spray by the equipment brand «Bulldog», one of the leading firms GRACO made in USA.

For corrosion protection of steel structures there is used a wide range of coating compositions with better quality on durability and protection in different environments and climatic conditions as of domestic manufacturers (JSC cl. «Morozovskiy Khimicheskiy Zavod», that is the Morozov Chemical Plant, factory «Kraski КVIL», JSC cl. NPH «VMP», etc.) so as of foreign producers of well-known companies JOTUN, HEMPEL, TIKKURILA, etc. The plant uses the technology of «cold galvanizing», which is the most advanced and easiest way to long-term corrosion protection of metal, which has received the universal recognition in the world.

Use of this equipment and modern paintwork materials allow producing high-quality color products, corresponding to the world standards.